Sunday, 29 November 2009

turn that frown upside down, paris

no tits are better than saggy tits, my mum says

if i had a spare 50 000 big ones

i would buy a date with this guy
and this is legit, purchase a date with prince vince @

tempting, no?

Thursday, 26 November 2009

things i would do with a detachable penis

i would put it on and rock erin wassons world n then take it off and do it all over with mikey pitt. i think this post is code for im bisexual

i wanna be your toy machine

here are a few reasons why, if ed templeton punched me in the face or even raped me i would embrace every evil heavenly moment of it. This is not some lame-o post from some chick who has nothing better to say than how hawt the likes of J.Depp are but merely the celebration of all things juxtaposed between good and bad. this picture is beautiful because it is both innocent and very err un-innocent. it makes you feel like you are an unseen viewer, that you are peering into someone else's private moments and what isn't hot about that. this is somthing that squire templeton is all too good at within his work just look at his book teenage smokers to take a look at the snapshots of those 'behind the bike shed' smoking moments we all had as yutes.
for those moments ed we heart ewe

harmony korine + madonna = good shit

fearless vampire killers

i swear to satan i'm not trying to be controversial here, but shit, i fucking despise twilight. alright alright so i havn't actually watched any of the movies but why would i? its suckling on the teet of this irritating vampire craze and with what? a few fairly attractive faces and too much cgi. apparently these days semi-babes + computer generated images = big bux

songs to fuck and get fucked to

1. naked city - bonehead
2. powermad - slaughterhouse
3. marilyn manson - the nobodies
4. pagoda - i do
5. carl orff - o fortuna
6. blink 182 - the blowjob song

7. lil wayne - pussy money weed
8. rob zombie - living de
ad girl
9. ludacris - i wanna lick you
10. rick james - give it to me baby

maker and creator of the devil

reasons why censorship should do one:
1. censorship obliterated many a good movie

2. do we not live in a society of promiscuity and violence where paedophile's and rapists are entitled to their privacy and freedom yet our movies have the fuckbits cut out

3. we live in a world where watching somebody getting their head blown off is more accessable than watching somebody getting their dick sucked
4. dont push the button = you wanna push the button. you can't watch this movie = you wanna watch this movie. even if mr.censorship has our best interests at heart, are they dumb enough to not know that temptation is one of the seven deadliest sins?
5. so all this equals to the fact that an adolescent can drive a car with the possibility of death ever looming, yet they can't wa
tch candyman

king of lurid youth

okay, so we all have the 60s to thank for some kinda freedom within society, humanity & sexuality, but the 70s shocked them back to the fucking 18th century. larry clark published his book 'Tulsa' in 1971 and made a strong impression within the photographic community. since then he has brought all kinds of masterpieces to our eyes & ears (with great help from harmony korine) like 'kids', 'another day in paradise', 'bully' & 'ken park'. This is a big fucking deal considering he broke the seal of the underground and became an inspiration within the arts. Shit, even one of the most prestigious film-makers in town, martin scorsese cited clark's photography as influential. larry, you are a fucking prodigy

bloom doom

all generations since gen x are doomed. first came denial, then anger, then bargaining, then depression, then acceptence and finally came the celebration. some people are still stuck in the early stages, me thinkies they need to watch a few larry clark movies & embrace their generation. the fact is only generations pre-gen x are dumb enough to care and bored enough to moan. back off and let us basque in our own doom