Thursday, 26 November 2009

i wanna be your toy machine

here are a few reasons why, if ed templeton punched me in the face or even raped me i would embrace every evil heavenly moment of it. This is not some lame-o post from some chick who has nothing better to say than how hawt the likes of J.Depp are but merely the celebration of all things juxtaposed between good and bad. this picture is beautiful because it is both innocent and very err un-innocent. it makes you feel like you are an unseen viewer, that you are peering into someone else's private moments and what isn't hot about that. this is somthing that squire templeton is all too good at within his work just look at his book teenage smokers to take a look at the snapshots of those 'behind the bike shed' smoking moments we all had as yutes.
for those moments ed we heart ewe

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