Thursday, 26 November 2009

maker and creator of the devil

reasons why censorship should do one:
1. censorship obliterated many a good movie

2. do we not live in a society of promiscuity and violence where paedophile's and rapists are entitled to their privacy and freedom yet our movies have the fuckbits cut out

3. we live in a world where watching somebody getting their head blown off is more accessable than watching somebody getting their dick sucked
4. dont push the button = you wanna push the button. you can't watch this movie = you wanna watch this movie. even if mr.censorship has our best interests at heart, are they dumb enough to not know that temptation is one of the seven deadliest sins?
5. so all this equals to the fact that an adolescent can drive a car with the possibility of death ever looming, yet they can't wa
tch candyman

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